It’s difficult to break into this business but the power of social media has opened up so many avenues for young entrepreneurs, that it is possible to build a success brand off the back of Instagram. Alexandre Daillance has proved this with his hat brand Nasaseasons. Founded when he was only 17, Daillance aka ‘Millinsky’ got together with 4 other teenagers who all embodied the Parisian youth culture through their taste in music, fashion and of course, parties, and built a brand that responded to their generation. In those two years the brand has grown dramatically and a Nasaseasons hat is often found perched on some rapper’s head.


The stitched statements of ‘I came to break hearts’ and ‘Don’t pray for love’ have made Nasaseasons different from most of the other hats out there. Their mission is to unite the youth together by embroidering teenagers’ feelings, concerns and attitudes on clothes. Their big thing is teenage romance, a common ground across the generation, one thing that all teens relate to. Not to say this is a brand for teenagers, it’s far from that. You’ll note that most of the celebrities seen wearing these caps are past the days of acne and braces.


This authentic feeling and mission behind the brand is one of the reasons it’s gained such support within the music industry. Wiz khalifa and Rihanna have both been snapped wearing the ‘I came to break hearts’ Nasaseasons hat. The team behind the brand are all very passionate about the creative industries, especially art and photography. Nasaseasons shows a new breakthrough for young designers and a new type of design that is inspired not by the future or the past, but by what is happening right now in the present.

Nasaseasons is available online and in John Anthony stores. Click here to view the collection.


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