The graphic t-shirt is a menswear staple. It’s part of our style from childhood, evolving from dinosaurs and trucks to band names and quick quips. The broken in t-shirt is a beloved part of our wardrobe, it’s easy to throw on and shows a bit of personality. It’s the old faithful. The issue comes when you pass that 25 year mark, and there’s the possibility that you’re starting to resemble an overly eager Dad or extremely hungover student. The art of dressing a graphic t-shirt to reflect your current age isn’t too difficult, all you need to do is invest in some cropped black trousers and start wearing your jeans rolled up.

The guys that really hit the nail on the head are the ones that find the alternatives to the standard jeans and trainers look. Wearing a t-shirt, jeans and trainers was the perfect combination when you were a teenager, but if you swap one out for something a little smarter, you’re sure to avoid the over eager Dad look. Obviously there are some t-shirts which belong with jeans and trainers, this is where luxe sneakers come into play. Designed for those who have outgrown the athletic style, luxury footwear brands like ETQ and Filling Pieces create sneakers that are detailed yet subtle.

The lads in the 50s got it right with their combination of smart and casual, keeping their trousers and derbies, but adding a t-shirt for that casual edge. Fast forward to present day and it would be a pair of cropped black trousers, a bomber jacket and a set of Grenson brogues. That’s the look you’re in search of and here’s an idea on how to achieve it…


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Kenzo, Hugo, Natural Selection, ETQ

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Calvin Klein, Nudie Jeans, J Lindeberg, Grenson

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Billionaire Boys Club, Hugo, Hugo, Paul Smith