We all know Scandinavia is the home of contemporary style, whether it’s furniture, cars or fashion, everything is functional, simplistic and real. Nudie Jeans is one of those Scandi gems, hailing from Göteborg in Sweden the main focus has always been the denim, but there’s actually a lot more in the collection. Not that their men’s jeans aren’t awesome. Organic, socially responsible, well-made and available in a whole host of fits and washes, we just want to shed some light on the top half too.

Following a certain Swedish furniture empire, Nudie Jeans christens their products with its own name – perhaps it’s a Scandinavian thing? This season the collection has some great organic cotton Nudie Jeans men’s t-shirts like ‘Roy’, the heavy cotton tee that plays homage to Göteborg’s natural climate – something we can relate to over in GB. As well as t-shirts there’s the Nudie Jeans ‘Jack’ Bowling Shirt. Made from TENCEL™ Lyocell, it’s cool and super loose, perfect for pairing over something else (plus TENCEL™ Lyocell is currently the most sustainable version of the manmade cellulosic fibre fabric). And finally to over that, we’ve got the ‘Ronny’ corduroy jacket. This sturdy chap is a great addition to a Spring wardrobe.

View the Pre-Fall collection as well as the Spring Summer 19 below.