This year we’re celebrating 40 years of business. That’s four decades of men’s (and women’s) fashion, from the shell suits of the 80s, dodgy Dad jeans of the 90s and back around for another lap.

Some of you may have been with us since the first store opened in Swindon in 1979 – for that we thank you – but with the rise of the internet our customers are scattered far and wide, from Manchester to Munich, it’s a far reaching community. However far, our home still remains in the South West, where our 5 stores are still located.

A lot has changed throughout the years – just look at ours bags! Remember any of these gems?

New stores have opened, like our Southampton shop, they’ve also moved from one part of the city to another, like our Bristol and Bath stores. Some have closed due to developments like our Oxford and London stores – who we still miss. They’re all part of the John Anthony legacy. Have a look at these lovely faded snaps….

Our staff have watched trends come and go, and are now watching a lot of them come back round again. Welcomed new brands as they launched, watched as they grew into the mega labels that we know today.

The people who walk through our doors, receive our parcels, follow us online are part of our unique John Anthony community. We love the fact that some of you have been with us since you were lads, and now you’re bringing your own kids into our stores and shopping for them online. It’s a huge part of being an independent retailer, having a more personal connection to our customers, who without we would not be who we are today. Here’s to another 40….